Saturday, 26 July 2008

Challenge Time Again!

I think it's about time we set another challenge - and there is a prize up for grabs (Pack of Making Memories foam stamps and an organza bag filled with ribbons, beads, charms and diamante buckles) - the challenge entries will be voted on by a poll - in the event of a tie I will elect my husband as judge to make the final decision.

And now for the challenge......I've been intrigued lately by the Sandra Evertson Inkblot stamps that are made by Stampington - BUT I thought it would be much more fun to actually make my own inkblots LOL!

So the challenge is to make an inkblot collage - any size, any colour, any subject - let your creative side run wild.

Here are my examples I made earlier today. I used black distress reinker to make mine but you could use any liquid ink or paint to make your inkblot. I have then used a mixture of stamps, and printed collage pictures and text to transform the inkblot into what I thought it resembled (I wonder what Psychologists would make of me LOL!).

Deadline for all entries is next Saturday 2nd August 2008 (email a picture of your collage to I will then load them up and the poll will be in place by Sunday evening (the poll will run for 4 days.)

I hope you have as much fun as I did!


Andrea said...

great examples Karen, you have a very creative mind x

Chriss Rollins said...

well think i need to research as never seen anything like it rofpmsl.
very imaginitive Karen ... a heck of a challenge. You go girl.
chriss x nice to see you back as i know it's not easy.
take care.
chriss xxxx

Lorraine said...

these really made me laugh..will have to get my thinking cap on for this unusual challenge!!!

Jaqi said...

What a scream these are, they would make fantastic cards. You have been busy. They look great , Good Luck to everyone, this is a great challenge, Jaqi x

Craftyideas said...

These are brilliant great idea

Denise said...

What an original idea! Making something great that may have been a 'blotch up' to start with! Clever lady!

PatchworkGirl said...

Haha you inkblots are so much better than my lousy attempts! I love the vampire one.