Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Tina's Top Tip for German Scrap

Who loves the gorgeous multi coloured German Scrap that is so hard to find? - I certainly do however I don't like paying the high prices to buy from the US. Well Tina has discovered that you can remove the gold from the german scrap with nail varnish remover. After rubbing with the remover on a tissue the gold comes completely off and you are left with a lovely silver.

I have been having a play to show you the results. The first picture is of the standard gold german scrap.

Next is the same pieces after they have had the nail varnish remover treatment.

I then had a play to see what I could use to colour the scrap. I had some success embossing with coloured embossing powder but it didn't cover totally due to the embossing pad and powder not getting fully into all the little intricate bits - it did give a lovely distressed effect though.

Next I tried colouring with various different inks. I tried Distress pads, pigment pads and adirondack dye ink pads but they didn't work at all - then I used my beloved Stazon ink pads and they worked brilliantly.

This next picture shows all the German scrap I coloured using Stazon ink pads (I removed the gold with the nail varnish remover first so that I would get a true colour). The borders on the left hand side from top to bottom are coloured with Stazon Jet black, Forest Green, Pumpkin, Cotton white and Royal Purple. The wings on the right hand side from top to bottom are coloured with Stazon Blazing Red, Cherry Pink, Azure blue, Timber brown and Mustard.

I particularly love the Timber brown coloured one as it has come out a lovely bronze effect.

Just editing to add: Tina says they also colour in really well with peel off pens (or other permanent markers).


sakazoke said...

Well done Karen. You have made this selection of german scrap look like the real deal. I love the stazon inks on them. The forest green and the purple one look good as well. Also the peel off pens give a nice result. Hun we need to come up with a few more good ideas and tip for this lovely blog.

Rosie said...

What a brilliant tip - thank you SO much! The blog looks great - going in my bookmarks!

Linda said...

That's just brilliant - can't wait to have a go! Thank you both.

Chriss Rollins said...

have used the pens on the silver arches i bought from america but must say great tip on removing the gold and customising.
have just bought black german metal from usa.. no need now ...can save on postage.

Fab blog, thanx chriss x