Sunday, 26 July 2009

Temporary insanity?

Apologies for not posting for months. I am well but struggling to find the time, inclination and mojo to do any crafting or blogging at the moment. I have therefore decided to temporarily put the blogging on hold as I feel it might be some time before I can get back to it.

Instead I will concentrate my efforts on the Scrapz online store which is very much alive and well and continuing to stock loads of lovely stamping and crafting goodies with lots of new stamps in the pipeline over the next few months.

Thanks to everyone who has followed the blog - your support and friendship has been so gratefully received.

xxx Karen


Linda Elbourne said...

Needs must and all that hun ... shall miss you blogging but with all the tummy stuff in your shop I will see plenty of you anyway ... in an online kind of a way!!! Take Care XXX

Andrea said...

take care Karen and hope you are soon back up to blogging x

Chriss Rollins said...

Forgive me for not being in touch...every week goes by and I think ..oh must contact Karen.

take care and pleased that you are busy with the shop.

chriss x

Minxy said...

I find it hard to keep up sometimes hense why i've not visited in a while.. sad to see your blog is gone but wishing you all the success with the shop xx
hugs minxy

Anonymous said...

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Jaqi said...

Hi Karen,

I know the feeling , Ive been the same since I started work back in August, I am enjoying catching up with all the blogs , so much has changed. Im sorry I missed you but will drop you an email, Hope you are well Take Care Jaqi xx