Thursday, 11 December 2008

Another little box

I have had a play with some Fimo today - making some tiles to decorate a little wooden mirrored box.  The fimo was rolled out to about 5mm thick, stamped with various rubber stamps and coloured with Mica powder before baking.  The box was difficult to photograph properly (mainly because my camera skills are virtually non existent but also because it has a sort of two tone finish - crackle paints, rub n buff, a few scroll stamps embossed with shimmery embossing powder and a liberal coating of mica powder as well.)

xxx Karen


Andrea said...

what a brilliant little box Karen x

Chriss Rollins said...

loving this gorgeous fimo decorated box... about 7 yrs since i decorated boxes, plantpots etc with fimo BUT waaaaaay back then I did not heve the gorgeous stamps I have have me wanting to get the fimo out again...its about 7yrs old lets hope it is still ok.
Must have another read as to what you used.
thanks for getting my juices flowing again.
PS great fun frame below.

Chris said...

ooooooeeer... D I V I N E missus, I'm scared of fimo... never sure if it's cooked properly (any tips) bought loads ages ago and still never used it much, well only to make little beads lol. Now I've seen your gorgeous box though I feel inspired and I wanna play with some. 'Tis just gorgeous!!
Chris xx

GlitteryKatie said...

VERY cute!!!

Linda said...

Fantastic work Karen - looks like you had great fun making it!
Linda x

Hels said...

Heavenly box Karen, I love the Fimo tiles..they look fab x

Anonymous said...

oh how fab ,i had that box from ikea but i didnt know what to do with it so i gave it away lol wish i had kept it now after seeing yours xx jo xx