Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Holly's Birthday

It's my daughter Holly's 23rd birthday today (which makes me feel very old!)

When she was a little girl she wanted to be a ballerina - I had to put her off the idea though as she was about as graceful as an elephant -this is the card I made for her (using a Lost Coast Designs Stamp and a Rivercity Rubberworks wording stamp ).

It feels like only yesterday that she was a cute and curious toddler!

xx Karen


Chriss Rollins said...

oh where does the time go.
love the card and the saying lol.
The LO will have many's great to scrap.
Happy birthday Holly x
I too wanted to be a ballerina when i grew up... theres still time me finx lol.
2 birthdays tomorrow will blog them.
Chriss x

Andrea said...

What a beautiful layout and card, hope your daughter had a fabulous birthday and time does fly x

Linda said...

Wow long have you been crafting???
The layout is lovely and so is the card. You must have had her when you were about 12!!!
Love Linda xx

Denise said...

Fabulous LO and card! and I share Linda's comment :)

Jaqi said...

You dont look old enough to have a grown up daughter ! I thought your children were little ones. Fabulous card and layout, they are lovely. Does your daughter still have such beautiful blonde hair? What a cutie bless her, Jaqi x

jay670120 said...

lovely card and L/O x

Chris said...

Oh my word it is soooo scary how fast they grow up Karen isn't it!! I adore the layout she looks like she was a really cheeky faced mischievous bet she cringes when she sees the photos now.
My DD goes mad when I put photos of her on my blog... but then I'm allowed cos I'm her Mammy....aren't I lol.
Love the card you made for her my daughter wanted to be a ballerina too but moved on to tap dancing... think it was just the dress she was after anyway really :D
Sorry I haven't been by in a while and thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog hun... I am trying to keep up with everyone but I just don't seem to be managing it... think it may have something to do with the fact that I suffer from verbal diahhroea (sp) would be quicker to send emails rofl!! :D
Take care hun
Chris xx

Cookie Sunshine said...

Just wanted to say hello. We keep the beautiful card that you made for Elizabeth by her bed. People always look at it and say "oh my...was she a movie star!" I gave my sister the part that sits on the easel. She has it on her dresser. Thank you again and again and again. It really is so very beautiful.