Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Still struggling with those difficult Males!

.....Well making cards for them anyway (otherwise I have them eating out of my hand of course LOL!)

Why is it that all the males I have to make cards for aren't interested in Sports, Vintage Cars, Boats, Shirts and Ties or DIY? And when I look for inspiration in the card shops what do I see - yep, all of the above and virtually nothing else.

So I am still struggling to produce different male cards (not quite there yet but I won't give up LOL).

This one is made with the Lost Coast Designs Phrenology Head Stamps - which certainly qualifies in the 'different' category LOL.

I have just received an award from Jaqi & Jessie - who are both very talented and inspiring crafters - thank you so much.

Now the rules in passing on this award are to nominate 7 of your favourite blogs however I have just discovered that Jaqi (and Denise who passed the award to Jaqi) have already nominated all my favourite blogs in the last 2 days :-)

xx Karen


PatchworkGirl said...

Thankyou very much for the prize you sent, I received it this morning and I love it! :) I love this card, how about guitar or music related male cards, or the Godfather...havn't met a man yet who isnt obsessed with that film, frankly I don't understand the obsession. Or fishing, hiking, rambling. Lego based ones for little boys? If I think of any more I'll let you know :) xxx

Jaqi said...

Firstly you are welcome for the award, your inspiration to others is endless.

This card is amazing, the colours the design, I love everything about it. You have been really busy, Jaqi x

princess-jessie said...

congrats and yes they do look nice on grannay