Friday, 8 August 2008

Handbag Charm and Organza Gift Bag

We still have loads of specials up on the website so don't forget to check out the bargains before they all disappear LOL.
I've been playing with a few of the items on special and have made a handbag Swivel Clip with some bargain silver coloured chain, a few charms and some bargain beads - plus I stamped a little organza bag to put it in.
(Just a note about stamping organaza - you need to be extra extra careful as it can frazzle and melt with the heat very easily - keep the heat tool as far away as possible and keep it moving.)

1 comment:

Jaqi said...

Ooh, very nice Karen, These would make lovely gifts, are you selling them completed? or just all the bits to make them ourselves? Jaqi x