Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Stripey Limbs

About a week ago we had a delivery of weird and wonderful stamps from Zettiology - including the Stripey Limbs set. When I first saw these I thought "What on earth would I do with those?" - Well Tina (master of all things inky and stampy) has done wonders with them. Take a look at these fabulous and creative ATC's!

Live Within the Moment - by Tina Hatchman

I Don't Feel Like Working Today - by Tina Hatchman

Art - by Tina Hatchman

Think Outside the Box - by Tina Hatchman


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Love the limbs and the stripes! What an unusual stamps! I love the 'I don't feel like working today' ATC.

sakazoke said...

You guys have to buy the zetty stamps. They are the best ever. Very quirky and so much fun.

Jaqi said...

how incredibly different, i can imagine the fun you had making these. you have some great ideas, what inspired you for these ones? Lovely and Quirky, they are Great, Jaqi x

Lorraine said...

I like these funny legs especially the one with the round face on top of it with the wings