Monday, 14 April 2008

PaperArtsy One Penny Plate 2 Rubber Stamps

More ATC's from me and Tina - this time with the PaperArtsy One Penny Plate 2.

First two stunners by Tina - both use the Dream girl stamp from the plate (plus lots of Paris stamps from Tina's own stamp collection). Both have beautiful shimmery effects.

These two (using the same lady from the plate) I made yesterday using two more of the spray backgrounds I made a couple of days ago. Transform, Create, Discover is one of the waste tissue backgrounds and Think Happy Thoughts is one of the backgrounds made from the card the tissue was sandwiched between as it dried. I really like the distressed effect.

And finally another of mine (again one of those spray backgrounds ) with the ice coupon stamp from the plate (other stamps used are the diamond background from Paperbag studios Dreamer sheet - stamped using Opalite glacier blue inkpad, Impress man from the PaperArtsy Dolls Plate 1 and the Queen face and Bird are from PaperArtsy Wings Plate 3. Top Crown is Catslife Press and other crown is from Lost Coast Doll Accessories plate.)


Anonymous said...

Oh Karen your atc's and Tina's are to die for, you really are such talented girlies. Wonderful eye candy... I just can't stop looking.
Totally WOW!!

Chris xxx

Jaqi said...

Wow, What lovely atcs, theres just no stopping you, brilliant ideas and the colours WOW! I love them all, Jaqi x

sakazoke said...

Really love the ones you done Karen. Love the backgrounds as well. Just so very vibrant. Love the last one as well on here of the Impress and Queen. Love the colours. Infact they are both gorgeous.

Linda said...

Gorgeous backgrounds Karen - must get round to ordering some of those colour washes soon.Tina your ATCs are so romantic and detailed - such a lot to take in.
Linda x