Sunday, 13 April 2008

Knitted wire Jewellery? - Yep you read it right!

I haven't knitted anything in a long time until I tried knitting some wire (I read on a website somewhere that you can knit with wire so thought I would give it a go). I used large needles and 28 gauge wire (threaded some seed beads onto the wire first so that I could knit them into the design as I went) , cast on 5 stitches and just knitted. The seed beads (and a few crystal beads) were added randomly. I knitted about 4 inches then cast off (did this twice so that I could make the necklace shown). The necklace and earrings both have these diamond shaped accent beads, plus seed beads, a few crystal beads and cone beads. We also sell the earring findings, head pins and clasps.


Jaqi said...

Hi Karen, I work at The Custome House, and we have an Art Gallery there, and next year we have a knitting exhibition. Not just an ordinary knitting exhibition, but unusual items. We are on the edge of the Tyne , and one of the things we will have is a big knitted ship (huge). Im going to pass this link on to the visual arts manager to look at. Its really lovely, is there no end to your talents? Jaqi x

Chriss Rollins said...

happy sunday, Karen you very clever lady its sooo unique and yes you are very talented.rememeber those words 'Me Time' thanx for sharing that gorgeous peice of knitting
chriss x

sakazoke said...

Just gorgeous Karen. I love the colours you have used, and to think this is knitted as well. You are so talented. This should feature in a magazine or book. Wish i had the talent to knit like that. All i managed to knit was baby clothes for my 4 kids,lol.

Linda said...

That is SO beautiful and original Karen.My daughter makes jewellery -must show her this!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I bought some bits to try jewelery making but as yet have chickened out! I must get around to it but somehow my comfort zone is stamping. Stamping. And more stamping! lol Great to see you now have a blog and what an impressive one so far! Great to see you have atalented friend to start your DT too! :)