Thursday, 17 April 2008

Knitted Wire Cuff Bracelet

I didn't get the opportunity to do any papercrafting today but did manage to make this which I thought you might like to see. Knitted on size 5 1/2 needles (8 stitches) using this wire, a few of these glass beads , seed beads, Cone beads on the ends and this clasp and ring.


Linda said...

What an unusual necklace - a work of art! I bet it looks stunning on you. I have a couple of ATCs for you Karen, if you're ready to swap. Any theme will do - I don't mind!
Linda x

Jaqi said...

This is amazing , how stunning.Ive been knittinf for years and I havent seen anything like this before. Do you sell these peices? Jaqi x

Jaqi said...

Can you tell im falling asleep? an 'f' on the end of knitting.....and it should have been pieces.....Sorry im off to bed, too many late nights! Jaqi x

Chriss Rollins said...

bravo...what a work of art...i am almost speechless you clever lady.
thanx for the atc look on the bright side... it means so much to me x
chriss x

Anonymous said...

Blimey Karen I can't begin to imagine how you put this together 'knitting' wow!!
It is soooooo unusual and I just LOVE it..what an amazing piece of work. Is there no end to your talents. You've been holding back on us girl :D
Chris xx

Angela Sumner said...

wow this is fantastic!! absolutly stunning - i dont know where you begin with a piece like are soooo talented!